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Asheville & Surrounding Area

With over 90 locations concentrated heavily in Asheville and surrounding area, this is the perfect route to reach many of the 9 million plus vistors to Asheville a year.

The racks are replenished on a weekly basis during the in-season months of April through November. In some locations of very high traffic, racks are serviced 2 to 3 times weekly. During off season, most are serviced weekly.

We distribute only on the basis of a year-round contract, distribution may start at any time during the year.
Brochures can be no larger than 4 ¼ inches in width by 9 inches in height (4.5”x9”).

When signing up for distribution, you get placement in all our racks on the route. It is cost prohibitive for us to allow customers to pick and choose locations where brochures are placed. A few of our locations do not allow placement of restaurant or real estate brochures. Also we cannot put brochures in locations that would consider them to be in competition. For example, we have a large number of motels and hotels as locations and are not able to put other lodging brochures in those racks.

Brochures are taken to the three Interstate Welcome Centers; I-40 West beyond Canton, I-26 East at Columbus and I-26 West beyond Mars Hill. We do not have a rack in these locations, we simply deliver brochures on a quarterly basis as a convenience to our clients. We don’t make special trips to take one or two brochures hot off the printing press. When brochures are changed, a small supply of the new brochure should be mailed to the welcome centers to last until we make our next run to the centers.

For Asheville Chamber members, brochure deliveries are handled the same way. You must inform them we are handling your distribution so they can request them from us.

The number of brochures needed on an annual basis is very hard to predict, since selection rates by tourists vary according to appearance and by subject matter. Attractions brochures have the highest volume with all other categories falling below that. At least 20,000 per year will be needed of any kind of brochure, but in many cases, that number could go considerably higher. We require 10,000 to start distribution.

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